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Dr Phillip Gordon, MD, PhD

Department of Pediatrics,
Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital,
Pensacola, FL, USA.

Dr Phillip Gordon served as medical director in Ochsner and later as Elsie Schaffer Professor of Neonatology and Associate Chair of Pediatrics at Tulane Medical School at New Orleans.

In 2000, he took his first academic position with the University of Virginia, USA, as an assistant, then associate professor and ultimately director of the fellowship programme. He developed a thriving laboratory, credited with describing the mechanisms of spontaneous intestinal perforation (SIP) ontogeny.

He obtained his doctoral degree from the Florida State University, USA, in cell and molecular biology. He obtained his medical doctorate from the University of Florida, USA, in 1996.

Dr Gordon’s notable work includes describing growth factor perturbations associated with SIP. In 2007, he helped the medical community recover, more than a year, after the natural disaster Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, USA.